There are no better moments in life when you get to eat foods prepared from your parents. When I was in my teen age, I remember my dad preparing different types of foods and feeding us. Whenever my dad had spare time from work, I always found him in kitchen making varieties of dishes, which we don’t eat, in everyday life. One significant thing I noticed about him (till now) is that I have never seen him cook everyday meal (daal, bhat). He was never afraid of trying new recipes. My friends and relatives are fond of his cooking specially paachak (sweet/sour candy).

Soon I realized that I had his genes of passion in cooking. Soon after giving my SLC examination, I joined a two-week cooking training course and started my cooking journey. I learned making cakes, pizzas, doughnuts, and other fancy foods. I got many compliments from family and friends on my cooking and this boosted my passion even more.



Moving to the United States for my further studies made me closer to food. Independence comes with a price and there you go. You cook your own food, wash your dishes, your clothes, and everything. I was lucky that I had some kind of cooking experience. I met a lot of students who did not even know how to make tea, forget about them making lunch and dinner. Their duty would be washing dishes after the meal was over.

Whenever I wanted to eat something special during festivals, I used to search for recipes on the Internet but there were only few websites and videos that had instructional videos on Nepali food recipes. So I used to call my parents and get the recipe. If there were any, they were 10-15 minutes long videos with unnecessary descriptions. That was when my mind got clicked and I realized that I should start a tutorial channel with short and informative videos on Nepali food recipes. I believed this would help a lot of people specially students who are abroad and having hard time cooking meals.

So, I started my journey since 2014 and I am very happy to hear from people that my videos have helped them a lot and are really inspired from my work. Whenever I get time I shoot a video and share with people. I hope to touch more people’s life in future with what I learn in my life.